Volvo 240 paper model

Volvo 240 (245) station wagon, scale 1:25, paper model, 1986-93



Volvo 200 Series was manufactured in 1974-1993. The Swedish concern sold almost 3 millions pieces of those cars. In its times, they became the symbol of safety among middle class vehicles all over the world. Still, after the production stopped in mid 90. of XX century, Volvo 240 held the first place in worldwide ranks for cars with the lowest ratio of lethal accidents.

Almost 20 years of manufacturing lead to many changes and liftings of Swedish car. Today, Volvo 200 has become a ‘cult’ vehicle and some versions, eg. Volvo 242 gt or Volvo 262c Bertone are real rarity among collectors. Traditional ‘brick’ is a symbol of durability, reliability and safety – the symbol of Swedish car industry.

The model prepared by us is Volvo 240 (245) station wagon dated in last production years 1986 – 1993. The parts included in the set allow to build the majority of car versions. We can choose the elements of the car with steering wheel on the left-hand side (LHD) or right-hand side (RHD); black or silver finishing and handles; upholstry with triple stitch (older versions) or quadruple stitch (recent versions); automatic or manual gear box; electric or manual side windows; central panel with or without air-condition; various versions of equipment and colors of cockpit; majority of wheel rims offered by manufacturer.

The model of Volvo 240 car is of medium difficulty. The model is for model-makers who already have some experience in carton board modelling. Some stages, i.e. making the main panel, driver’s and passenger’s seats, back seats, inside walls or hand brake will require more attention due to level of part shape complication. While working on the model one should not hurry. It is best to follow the rulle: “try it three times – glue it once”.

The following materials and tools will be necessary to make the model:

Scissors, modelling knife or scalpel, modelling tweezers, thin retouching brush, poster or acryl or oil paints, wire – diameter as per enclosure to the model, glue (butapren type), cyan-acrylic glue (superglue), mat for cutting (eg. Leniar, Olfa).

There will be also other complementary elements: elements cut from board and foil. They are included in the set.

Elements marked with “L” and “P” mean “left side” and “right side” respectively. The scissors sign means, the place marked needs to be cut. The short line next to the part means the place of bending, the circle sign means the part needs to be rolled into tube. The elements marked “**” need to be glued on 1mm board; marked with “*” need on 0,5mm board; marked with “+” on 0,2mm carton.

Model of Volvo 240 is designed in several versions. Depending on individual needs, model-maker can prepare “classic” version with main car clocks panel on the left side or “British” version (RHD) with  main car clocks panel on the right side.

In addition there is a possibility to choose the type of car upholstery, side walls, grill, spoiler, head lights, chrome finishing in car plating, car clocks , steering wheel and full variety of wheel rims used in this car. These elements, as they are  alternative, are numbered in red colour.

On the last cover page you will find additional elements that can be used to make your own car version.

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