Volvo 780 Bertone – 1986

Volvo 780 Bertone has always been my dream. I remember how I got from a friend of my father’s big poster of this car. This has happened in the mid 80s In 2012 I bought my first V780. The car was produced in 1986, and is a 1245 copy, taken by Bertone for Volvo. All cars manufactured around 8518.


I am doing renovation of the car today. The basic work:

– Repair of the engine (V6 PRV) – ENGINE HAS BEEN REPLACED
– Repair the brake system – BRAKES ARE OK
– Convert to r134a air conditioning – WORKS with R12
– Renewal Wheel – DONE
– New tires – WINTER
– Beauty bodywork – Paint
– Repair electric driver’s seat – DONE
– Repair of electrical antenna – DONE
– Repair sunroof (leaking) – DONE

New pictures from Saturday:

to be continued …

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