Volvo 262c Bertone – 1980

My wife’s car

Volvo 262c Bertone is one of the most iconic cars produced by this company. It is very rare in Europe. I dreamed of this car in my collection, since I first heard about this model. My dear wife has always liked Volvos (her first car was a Volvo 245, now she has Volvo s80 t6). It was Sunday morning in February 2009. I woke my wife and told her that I just won Volvo Bertone on ebay auctions in USA  My wife quickly saw pictures of the new car. She was a little scared. My wife decided to pay for the Volvo 262C. She said it would be a car for her.

Volvo 262C Bertone went to Poland after 2 months of purchase. I began collecting body parts to the my wife’s car. Body repair and painting the car took about 12 months. The car has a beautiful black color. I can browse in it as in a mirror.

Volvo 262c Bertone seats after renovation.

to be continued …



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