Volvo 142 R-Sport – 1971



Volvo 142 R-Sport, 1971

My own Volvo 142 I bought in 2008 for the online auction site eBay in Germany. Look how it looked before the arrival of Poland.

Volvo 142 DL, 1971, B20 engine 82 hp, one Zenith Stromberg Carburetor 175 CD, in excellent condition.

Interesting, the plate with data of the car and the first car owner !

At the end of 2008 I prepared a draft of modification my Volvo 142. I managed to get the specification of the Volvo Competion Service and started the construction of R-Sport car.

The first I changed the suspension. Bilstein B6 shocks, IPD anti-sway bar 25 / 19 mm and -30 mm springs. I made the renovation of the braking system. I put the pads RED from ECB. I found on R-Sport Rallye instrument cluster, panel accessories, sports steering wheel and beautiful original radio. I bought original WOLFRACE slotmags and made the renovation.

Volvo 142 looked after modifications like the pictures below.

I prepared a change of engine in my Volvo 142. I bought in Sweden converted B20 engine with two carburettors Solex 45 ADDHE, modernized planned -5 mm head, valves 46 mm and 38.5 mm, ported, dual valve springs, camshaft steel wheels, sport camshafts F, KG5 or KG6, electronic ignition, hd oil pump, oil cooler Mocal, sports exhaust manifold 4-1 , Exhaust system, 2.5 „Simons. I puted GT stripes on the car.

I decided to do the next stage of the „Grandfather’s” renovation,in 2010. I made restoration of front grille (new chrome and paint), new chrome on the door knob, I started a new chrome halogen lights Hella Rallye 2000 and Hella 181 classic, new headlights, etc. I changed Solexs 45 ADDHE for 2 Webers 45 dcoe type 13 (Chokes 40, Aux Vents 4.5, Emulsion Tube F16, 165 Main Jets, Air Correctors 200, Idle 55F8 Jets, Jets 50 Pump, Needle Valves 225). New carburetors need electric fuel pumps (FACET).

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